[GUIDE] How to port Sammy 4.4.2 firmware on Galaxy S3 [smdk4412 devices]

Posted by SHNa
2014. 5. 13. 23:58 배포/Android


Hi, I'm Korean developer who ported sammy 4.4.2 firmware on smdk4412 devices.
And I want to tell how to port sammy 4.4.2 firmware on your device.

Sammy 4.4.2 [Galaxy Note 2 Firmware] on kor-Galaxy Pop (SHV-E220S)

Sammy 4.4.2 [Galaxy Note 10.1 Firmware] on kor-Galaxy Grand (SHV-E275S/K) - Buggy TW, because of HDPI.

These devices are using smdk4412 board.
On kor-Galaxy Pop port, Everything is working without auto-rotation.

So, I'll tell you how to port Sammy 4.4.2 [Galaxy Note 2 Firmware] on your Galaxy S3.

1. Ramdisk.
Merge ramdisk with Meld. (init.rc, init.smdk4x12.rc)

2. RIL
Change below files from GT-I9300 STOCK.
- /system/lib/libsec-ril.so
- /system/lib/libsecril-client.so
- /system/lib/libfactoryutil.so
- /system/lib/libomission_avoidance.so
- /system/lib/libreference-ril.so

3. Mobicore Driver
Change below files from GT-I9300 STOCK.
- /system/bin/mcDriverDaemon
- /system/lib/libMcClient.so
- /system/lib/libMcRegistry.so
- /system/lib/libMcVersion.so

Change below files from GT-I9300 Cyanogenmod 11, modify init.smdk4x12.rc's /system/bin/sdcard arguments
- /system/bin/sdcard

5. Sensor [without auto-rotation.]
Change below files from GT-I9300 Cyanogenmod 11.
- /system/lib/libakm.so
- /system/lib/hw/sensors.smdk4x12.so

6. KOR-Wifi Fix (might be optional)
Make a file
- /system/etc/install-recovery.sh
Add below script to 'install-recovery.sh' .

mount -o remount,rw /data /data
echo murata > /sdcard/.cid.info
chown system:wifi /data/.cid.info
chmod 0660 /data/.cid.info

7. Change Device Name to your device name.
- /system/build.prop
change "ro.product.*" to STOCK's build.prop


If you finished ALL step, you have two bugs.
1. The signal strength is low.
2. auto-rotation bug.

Because of signal strength is low, doesn't mean RIL is not working.
Call incoming, outgoing, DATA Network ... are Fully working. (On Korean models. I9300 story may be different)

And auto-rotation bug is related to the framework and sensorhub.



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