Sammy 4.2.2 on Galaxy POP

Posted by SHNa
2014. 4. 2. 21:28 Mobile & Embedded/Android OS

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갤럭시 S3[I9300]의 Leak 4.2.2 Firmware를 갤럭시 팝에 포팅한 작품입니다.
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(ENG_OLD) Samsung SHW-M110S [Galaxy S] KitKat PatchTool, 3.0 Kernel

Posted by SHNa
2014. 4. 2. 20:56 Mobile & Embedded/Android OS

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/* Developers */
- arter97
- sktjdgns1189
- sch2307
- Special Thanks to Dokdo
- Special Thanks to Prizm

/* Bugs */
- Mic is not working except within call.
- Phone is not ringing when incoming call.

* Due to messaging fixes, telephony patches are only available to CyanogenMod ROMs.
* Telephony is not working on pure AOSP based ROMs like SuperNexus.
* To use on ROMs not CyanogenMod, you have to manually compile your own telephony-common.jar

/* Caution */

- Repartitioning process is done while installing, your device can get to a hard bricked status if shutdowns unexpectedly.
- Developers are not responsible for any damages.
- m110s-format-data is not required; it's only for data formatting, replacing CWM menu.
- Use your device 30 secs after boot. If you use your device while it got no carrier registered on the lock-screen, telephony might not work properly.

/* Downloads */

/* Installation method */
1. Flash m110s-EFS_Backup-recovery.tar via ODIN
2. Reboot to recovery and install
3. Reboot to system, then connect to PC and pull /sdcard/efsbackup/efs
4. Flash m110s-installation-recovery.tar via ODIN.
5. Reboot WITHOUT ANY BUTTON PRESSED and it will reboot straight to recovery.
6. Install It will erase all of your data and repartition your device.
7. Install your desired KitKat ROM.
8. Install
9. Install Gapps for Android 4.4, KitKat.
10. Reboot and enjoy 

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