(ENG_OLD) Samsung SHW-M110S [Galaxy S] KitKat PatchTool, 3.0 Kernel

Posted by SHNa
2014.04.02 20:56 Mobile & Embedded/Android OS

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/* Developers */
- arter97
- sktjdgns1189
- sch2307
- Special Thanks to Dokdo
- Special Thanks to Prizm

/* Bugs */
- Mic is not working except within call.
- Phone is not ringing when incoming call.

* Due to messaging fixes, telephony patches are only available to CyanogenMod ROMs.
* Telephony is not working on pure AOSP based ROMs like SuperNexus.
* To use on ROMs not CyanogenMod, you have to manually compile your own telephony-common.jar

/* Caution */

- Repartitioning process is done while installing, your device can get to a hard bricked status if shutdowns unexpectedly.
- Developers are not responsible for any damages.
- m110s-format-data is not required; it's only for data formatting, replacing CWM menu.
- Use your device 30 secs after boot. If you use your device while it got no carrier registered on the lock-screen, telephony might not work properly.

/* Downloads */

/* Installation method */
1. Flash m110s-EFS_Backup-recovery.tar via ODIN
2. Reboot to recovery and install M110S_EFSBackupTool.zip.
3. Reboot to system, then connect to PC and pull /sdcard/efsbackup/efs
4. Flash m110s-installation-recovery.tar via ODIN.
5. Reboot WITHOUT ANY BUTTON PRESSED and it will reboot straight to recovery.
6. Install m110s-format-system.zip. It will erase all of your data and repartition your device.
7. Install your desired KitKat ROM.
8. Install M110S_PatchTool.zip.
9. Install Gapps for Android 4.4, KitKat.
10. Reboot and enjoy 

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